child abducted

Look at your watch, phone or clock – now count 40 seconds.  In that short amount of time, a child somewhere was abducted.  Now count another 40 seconds.  Another child was just abducted.  Now do it again, and again…. Shocking?  Scary?  You bet!  Statistics say that every 40 seconds a child somewhere is abducted.  Was it your neighbor’s child? Your child?  A school buddy of your child’s?  Think about it.  40 seconds.  That’s it.  “It won’t happen to my kids, they are too smart.  They will kick and punch and bite.”  Don’t kid yourself.  How does that help against a 280-pound full grown person whose sick obsession is your child? Help protect your child by equipping them with a 120-decibel alarm that clips on their belt loop or backpack or fits in their pocket.  Teach them when something doesn’t seem right or feel right or if someone is lurking to close that they don’t know, just push that alarm button.  It takes only a few seconds for someone bad to grab your child.  Learn more at

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